We bring property to the people. And unlike anyone else in the marketplace, we bring people to the property.
This revolutionary approach to Victoria real estate is designed to help buyers find homes and sellers find buyers!
Not exactly re-inventing the wheel, this is more a case of turning the sales process on its head.
This elevated level of marketing allows buyers access to homes earlier and provides sellers easier access to qualified buyers, enabling easier, quicker, trouble-free agreements between buyers and sellers.
This is how we do it:
Home Buyers
As a home buyer, you are a valuable commodity in the Victoria real estate market. Homes and Buyers’ customized matchmaking approach actively markets you, the buyer, to potential sellers, some of whom have not even put their homes on the market yet.
Tells us about your ideal home. We will be on the lookout for that exact house and when we find it, you will be the first to know it is available.
This gives you an advantage over others who are simply standing on the sidelines, waiting for homes to hit the market.
We understand that home buyers are desired and much sought after. As a buyer, by noting and promoting your needs, desires and non-negotiables, we can help you find exactly what you are looking for as soon as it is available.
We give you the inside track in the competitive, fast-paced Victoria real estate market.
Joining Homes and Buyers’ matchmaking service:
It really is easy.
Once you’ve made the commitment to purchase with Homes and Buyers, you will be registered with our team and we will be marketing you as a valuable buyer. We will begin looking for suitable homes for sale in Victoria, BC and area. Besides marketing you, you will have a qualified real estate team working for you, setting up MLS® tours, setting up a computer program to view listings more effectively, and you will have access to an on-call REALTOR® to show you homes according to your schedule.
Once you find a home you are interested in, we will do a market evaluation process on your behalf and devise a customized strategy for negotiation so that your best interest is looked after.
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Home Sellers
As a seller, this matchmaking service and directory, offered exclusively through Homes and Buyers, will give you an edge when finding a potential buyer for your home. You will now have a database of pre-approved buyers to choose from and if you are able to choose the right buyer ahead of going into the market, it could save a lot of time and money.
If you see a buyer in the database who is looking for a home like yours, just give us a call to arrange a showing!