Floor Plans

An important part of our marketing strategy to sell your Victoria realty listing is a professionally designed and measured floor plan. These comprehensive plans are the next best-thing for helping buyers visualize themselves (and their barcalounger) in your home.

Precise measurements mean accurate visualizations

Our floor plans offer detailed measurements and layouts allowing the potential homebuyer to mentally move in and picture how they would set up furniture and living spaces.

This means potential buyers will know how their 62-inch plasma screen will fit in your rumpus room; whether their ’65 Mustang convertible will fit with the chest freezer and tool bench in the garage. After professional photos, the floor plan is probably the next most important aspect of enticing homebuyers into your home for sale in Victoria. And, more importantly, the floor plans allow the homebuyers to see the bones and potential of the space, past your florescent green walls and glass unicorn collection.

By using a floor plan, we allow the potential homebuyer to interact with the property before viewing it, feel at ease while visiting it, and have the ability to go back and visit the home after their viewing and to show their friends and family. Almost all home searches today begin online and by including a floor plan, we are able to offer 3 a.m. tours without waking you up.

Our plans make your home stand out while answering questions that are likely to arise from viewing the accompanying photos, like “What is through that secret bookshelf door?”, and “Where does that stairway lead to?” View a sample floorplan.

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