How green is your potential home?

October 12, 2012

The Energy Committee for the Consumers Council of Canada has floated a voluntary energy labelling system for homes that would help realtors and buyers determine the energy efficiency of a potential real estate purchase.

According to Joan Huzar, chairman of ECCC, “Consumers have a basic right to product information, including energy. Realtors should get behind energy efficiency – energy is not going away – and labels are a great way to communicate with consumers. Things that are cheap today will not be cheap forever. An energy label is probably not the tipping point in a buyer’s decision process but knowing if you are buying an insulated house matters.”

The program may help realtors, brokerages and franchises create value for home buyers and sellers through voluntary energy labelling of houses. It would function much like the current system which lists property criteria, such as waterfront, large yards, in-ground sprinklers and additional rental suites. Some suggest it would serve a similar purpose as the energy consumption labels on appliances and cars.

The Toronto Real Estate Board has delivered courses on energy ratings to the Victoria Real Estate Board and others have made an effort to include the information within the MLS so this is not a foreign concept to many Victoria realtors.